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Recent Reviews

December 10, 2014
I absolutely loved the results. I will post my comments on facebook

- Daneen

November20, 2014
Your Cutouts are a thousand times better than the ones we bought from a different company!

- Cherie K.

November 17, 2014
I just wanted to say thank you for such a great product. It turned out PERFECT!

- David B.

November 14, 2014
People have loved the cutout of the three monks! I put one in a Nepal Health Clinic fundraising silent auction - and high bid was for $250!

- Margaret F.

November 11, 2014
Thank you for the statues! They arrived so quickly and look fantastic!

- Risa R.

November 3, 2014
The form came back yesterday and it's so cute. Thankyou.

- Mary Allice F.

October 24, 2014
Just what I wanted! Love it! Thanks

- Karen M.

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Custom Photo Puzzles

Customized photo puzzles are a fun way to bring people together. They are great for:

Custom Puzzle Cost Calculator

  • Parties
  • Team-building activities
  • Proposals
  • Fund-raisers
  • Museum display
  • Celebrations
  • Bar mitzvahs and Bat mitzvahs
Fotoforms Custom Boy Puzzle, custom shaped pieces, magnetic tray, color coordinated frame, full-color print, laminated for protection, acrylic construction, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs

This 3x4 foot puzzle was made from our customer’s photo.

Features include:

  • 13 custom shaped pieces
  • Magnetic tray
  • Color coordinated frame
  • Full-color print
  • Laminated for protection
  • Sturdy 1/8" acrylic construction

You choose the size, number and shape of pieces, and available options to create your one of a kind customized photo puzzle! Please visit our Reviews page to hear what our customers have to say!

Fotoforms Custom Wedding Proposal Collage, customized photo puzzle, creative marriage proposal, collage print, 80 photos puzzle, large puzzle, heart shaped puzzle piece, standard shaped puzzle

Fotoforms created this customized photo puzzle as part of a creative marriage proposal.

Features include:

  • Collage print made from about 80 photos
  • Large 20x30 size
  • Center, heart shaped piece
  • 80 standard shaped pieces surrounding heart
Fotoforms Custom Big Game Puzzle, football puzzle, big game, college, massive puzzle, impressive puzzle, huge fun puzzle pieces, fun puzzle pieces

We made this football puzzle for the “Big Game” in Tampa FL.

Features include:

  • Measures an impressive 5 x 9 feet
  • Features huge fun pieces!
  • Used as part of the pregame festivities just outside the Tampa Stadium

Each customized photo puzzle is a unique work of art, rugged and long lasting, yet economically produced. If you would like to order a custom puzzle or anything custom for that matter, please fill out our custom order form. We will then contact you to get more information and provide you a no obligation quote.

Fotoforms Custom Corporate Logo Puzzle, custom puzzle, corporate event, team building, huge puzzle, multi level puzzle, rugged puzzle, long lasting puzzle, economically produced puzzle

We are really proud of this custom puzzle that was used for a corporate event.

Features include:

  • 5 by 20 foot puzzle
  • Series of 16 x 20 puzzles on different levels
  • This customized photo puzzle was created for a team building event
Fotoforms Custom Puzzle for The Lincoln Museum, Lincoln Museum, custom puzzle, durable puzzle, extra durable puzzle, unique work of art, rugged puzzle, long lasting puzzle, economically produced puzzle

Made for The Lincoln Museum. Two years after creating this custom puzzle, the museum tells us it still looks new.

Features include:

  • A standard 11x14, 35 piece pattern
  • This image is mounted between two layers of 1/8” acrylic for extra durability
Fotoforms Custom Puzzle for a Wedding, wedding ceremony, puzzle, wide frame, puzzle pieces, wedding photo puzzle, anniversary gift, unique anniversary gift, wedding fun, wedding puzzle

Created for a wedding ceremony, this puzzle has a wide frame around the central puzzle area. Look closely and you will see that we cut the hands as separate pieces

The above puzzles are just a few of the customized photo puzzles we’ve created for customers just like you. For more puzzle ideas, please visit our Standard Photo Puzzles page for more options. If you would like to order a custom puzzle or anything custom for that matter, please fill out our custom order form we will then contact you and provide you a no obligation quote.

Customized Photo Puzzles

Go beyond our Standard Photo Puzzles with these custom options

Make your Puzzle HUGE;

Fotoforms can make GIANT puzzles for maximum impact. We can make truely interlocking puzzles of ANY SIZE, with small or large pieces. Excellent for team building events, your corporate lobby or rec room wall, or just big fun.

See our Parties and Events Portfolio Page for lots of Giant Custom Puzzle examples.

Huge Custom Puzzle

Give your Puzzle a UNIQUE SHAPE;

Your Custom Puzzle doesn’t need to be rectangular!
We can make your puzzle in the shape you choose. Check out these custom shaped puzzles we’ve made in the shape of the state of Illinois and another we made in the shape of a lightbulb. Note the tape measure next to the IL puzzle shows this is a giant, 4 foot custom puzzle!

Illinois Shaped Custom Puzzle Custom Shaped Huge Puzzle

Include Custom Shaped Puzzle Pieces;

Choose the shape of one or more pieces in your custom puzzle. Your special shaped piece can be in a logo shape, heart, trumpet, or we can cut around a feature in your image. This large, 20 x 30 inch photo puzzle has a heart shaped central piece.

Custom Puzzle with Heart Shaped Piece

Choose the NUMBER of PIECES you want;

Say you have exactly 35 employees coming together for a meeting, and you want each to have one piece of a puzzle they can assemble as a team to signify their importance in the overall “picture” of your company, or you need exactly 13 pieces to replace candles for your Bar Mitzvah “candlelighting” ceremony; just let us know.

Large Team Building Puzzle

Make it Magnetic;

Imagine your giant puzzle magnetically assembled on the wall of your lobby, trade show booth, or rec room. We can add magnets to the pieces so you can mount your puzzle to any wall painted with magnetic paint (available at most home improvement stores). We also offer magnetic assembly trays up to 20 x 30 inches (see below). At right is a 4 x 7 foot wall mounted puzzle we made for Delta Dental.

Magnetic Wall Puzzle

Assembly Tray;

For puzzles up to 20 x 30 inches, an assembly tray allows you to display your puzzle on an easel or wall, and lets guests watch it being assembled. The trays have a magnetic surface and keyhole slots on the back so you can hang your beautiful puzzle on your wall for display.

Custom Puzzle with Assembly Tray

Sandwich Mounted Construction;

For really rugged use, we can sandwich your image between layers of acrylic. This is a common option for museum puzzles. A puzzle we made for the Miami Museum of Science has stood the test of OVER 1 MILLION VISITORS and is still in use today!

Sandwich Mounted Puzzle Construction

Writable Surface Puzzles;

Yes, you can write on our puzzles. Great as a unique guestbook, or for teambuilding/brainstorming sessions.
Let us know if you want a writable puzzle so we can suggest a luster or matt laminate, which is more receptive to writing then gloss. This custom puzzle for McCain foods was used in a team brainstorming session and has lots of “white space” for writing.

Writable Surface Puzzle

Have another idea? All the above options were things our customers asked us to accomplish, so if you have an idea or need not addressed above please ask, we are pretty capable and creative and will give your idea our full consideration.

Yes, you can combine Customization options above in many cases.

Thanks for looking at Fotoforms Custom Puzzle options! We look forward to working with you.